Symbol CLI is an open-source command-line interface to interact with the blockchain.


Symbol CLI is distributed using the node package manager npm.


Symbol CLI require Node.js 12 LTS to execute.

Execute the following command in a new terminal:

npm install --global symbol-cli


To start using Symbol CLI, configure a profile. Profiles are used to set a base URL and account to sign transactions.

symbol-cli profile import --private-key <PRIVATE_KEY> --network TEST_NET --url --password <PASSWORD> --profile <PROFILE_NAME>

By default, Symbol CLI will always use the default profile. To use a named profile with any other command, add the --profile option to the command.

symbol-cli account info --profile <PROFILE_NAME>

If you are going to use named profile for multiple commands, you can change the default profile with the following command.

symbol-cli profile setdefault --profile <PROFILE_NAME>

If you do not have a private key to create a profile, you can generate a new account, add a node URL and save it as default or named profile.

symbol-cli account generate --network TEST_NET --url --password <PASSWORD> --profile <PROFILE_NAME> --save


These are the available commands for Symbol CLI separated by version.

Find out which CLI version do you have installed by running symbol-cli from the command line.