Entity Schemas


The catbuffer schemas repository defines how each transaction type should be serialized. In combination with the catbuffer-generators project, developers can generate builder classes for a given set of programming languages.



Enumeration: uint16

Id Description
0x0000 Reserved.


Enumeration: uint8

Id Description
0x68 (MAIN_NET) Public network.
0x98 (TEST_NET) Public test network.
0x60 (MIJIN) Private network.
0x90 (MIJIN_TEST) Private test network.


Serialization of an entity that has a prefixed size.

Property Type Description
size unit32 Size of the transaction.


Serialization of an entity that should be signed by an account.

Property Type Description
verifiableEntityHeader_Reserved1 uint32 reserved padding to align Signature on 8-byte boundary.
signature Signature Entity signature generated by the signer.


Serialization of an entity. An entity could be a block or a transaction.

Property Type Description
signerPublicKey Key Public key of the signer of the entity.
entityBody_Reserved1 uint32 Reserved padding to align end of EntityBody on 8-byte boundary.
version uint8 Version of the structure.
network Network Entity network.
type EntityType Entity type.